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Why maintenance is important

Maintaining your car properly is important for three reasons

Those are our priorities when advising you on maintenance.

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The key to ensuring your car is maintained properly is servicing. Every car has a service schedule and specification defined by its manufacturer. Following both of those will help keep your car in good condition. At Trevor Falloon Motors, every service is customised to your car.

We provide two different service levels - minor and major. Take a closer look at both service levels to determine which one your car needs and then call us to arrange it.


If your vehicle is three years or more old, you’ll need to put it through an MOT test every year. The purpose of an MOT is to make sure your car satisfies the minimum safety and environmental standards set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

We recommend having your car serviced just before an MOT so it has the best chance of passing. Why not book both together with us? You can skip making the MOT appointment and attending it and instead, let us do that for you. A service and MOT will take more time than just a service, depending on how busy the MOT centres are. However, we’ll provide a courtesy car so you’re not stuck when your car is with us.


Tyres hold your car to the road so it’s important they’re in good condition. To make sure your tyres are safe, you need to watch out for

Tyres which are overly worn and have a thread depth which is too shallow should be replaced. Any tyres with damage, such as cuts or lumps, should be checked by an expert to make sure they’re safe and won’t fail in the future. Lastly, all your tyres should have the same pressure as specified in your car’s manual.

We can handle all your tyre maintenance needs and when you need new tyres, we stock the 20 most common brands and fits.


Cars are becoming more and more complicated with many on-board computers to monitor and control their systems. When things start to go wrong with a system, its computer produces an error code. That error code is an early warning for a small problem that could become a big problem.

Regular servicing will go a long way to preventing error codes. However, they can still develop from time to time. To help prevent small problems from becoming big problems, we offer diagnostic checks to identify car part failures early. By finding problems early, the likelihood of expensive repairs is reduced.

Why not call us today to arrange a diagnostic check?


Even with a good service history, you can’t prevent every part failure and cars will break down from time to time. When that happens, we’re here to help.

In addition, sometimes, there’s no clear problem but an annoying rattle or shake. Drop your car into us and we’ll investigate the cause for you and suggest repairs to get your car running smoothly again.